Fit For Birth Miami exists to empower women in South Florida. Our mission is to provide high quality access to balanced pre and postnatal fitness and health information. We do this by providing fitness coaching in a variety of formats including personal training, group classes, video call sessions, seminars and workshops.   

It is time for childbearing women to feel confident in their pregnancy and birth. It is time for C-sections to be saved for emergency, not the norm. It is time for our children to be born into the most optimal health standards. It is time for real education in pre and postnatal fitness and health coaching.

Fit For Birth Miami is brought to you by the founders of Fit For Birth, an international health education and training company for fitness and wellness professionals. Fit For Birth educates Pre & Post Natal Leaders to inspire the use of natural methods to avoid infertility, mechanized childbirth and disease in our infants. The company was originally founded in 2007 providing progressive perinatal health education for all audiences. Within less than one year, Fit For Birth information and articles had been published in more than one dozen languages and thousands of people from over 150 countries around the world were visiting every month.

Today, Fit For Birth is proud to have certified instructors in more than a dozen countries. Our flagship course, Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist has been acclaimed as the most comprehensive and progressive pre & postnatal course that the industry has to offer. The company is known for it's passion, excitement and personal touch, and now we bring it back to the women of Miami, our birthplace and home.

James Goodlatte

Founder and Director

James Goodlatte is a Holistic Health Coach, corrective exercise practitioner, speaker, author, and professional educator. His passion is to heal families by inspiring the use of natural methods and by building a global team of fitness & health professionals to reduce infertility, avoid mechanized childbirth, and reduce chronic disease in our infants. As the founder of Fit For Birth, Inc, he is a driving force for providing Continuing Education Credits for the pre and postnatal world. As a writer, his articles have been published in a dozen languages and have inspired contact from pre and postnatal women, as well as health professionals in over 150 countries.

Morgyn Danae

Fit For Birth Community Liaison

Morgyn is a fitness & wellness professional and spiritual healer.  After becoming a Certified Personal Trainer with NASM, she sought certification with Fit For Birth as a Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist (PPCES) and Pre & Post Natal Diastasis and Core Consultant (PPDCC) for the skills to more effectively address the prenatal and postpartum issues she was witnessing as a licensed massage therapist. 

For 20 years, she has been teaching bellydance as a healing art alongside practicing “Chi Nei Tsang”, a Chinese Taoist healing art of internal organ/belly massage, breath work, and energy work. 

Morgyn recognizes Fit For Birth as an essential foundation in her instructional approach and techniques; one that has allowed her to develop her specialization in Holistic Postpartum Rehabilitation. She works with the Sacred Feminine to support women to come into their sense of beauty and self-love.

Hamad Shirazi

Hamad Shirazi is a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in strength and performance. Hamad holds a B.S. Ed. in Exercise & Sport Science from the University of Georgia and is completing a M.S. Ed. in Exercise Physiology at the University of Miami. Additionally, he is certified by the ACSM as a Personal Trainer and trained at the C.H.E.K Institute as a Holistic Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Exercise Coach.

Hamad’s breadth of experience spans multiple professional certifications, as well as leadership roles within wellness and fitness businesses across Miami, Florida. He relies on a holistic, comprehensive system for training that balances wellness, fitness, and athletics to optimize strength and performance. Hamad prioritizes mind, body, and spiritual wellness with the goal of encouraging a healthy integration of these domains into our lives.