• Fit For Birth Team analyzes all pieces from the assessment and creates a personal and unique prenatal exercise and lifestyle program for you.

  • Comprehensive prenatal program designed to suit your body alignment, stress-levels, time-restraints, needs and motivations.


  • Specialist will meet with you for one hour sessions. Frequency of meetings depends upon your plan selection and specific needs and motivations.

  • Regular meeting times at your convenience every week. Flexible and fair cancellation & rescheduling policies. Instructors who bring fun and professionalism to each session, and who are aligned with you achieving your goals.

  • Have greater ease instead of wondering what you can and cannot do while pregnant or postpartum. Use one of life's greatest milestones to reinvent your body!

  • Your professional will be there to answer your questions as they arise, and also to consult with you via email and telephone.  Results typically occur about three times faster when using a skilled professional.  

Programs can include, and are not limited to:

  • Breath conditioning

  • Strength training

  • Functional training

  • Core training

  • The Fit For Birth exclusive Belly PumpTM Method

  • The Fit For Birth exclusive Labor TrainingTM  Method

  • Imagery and Meditation Training

  • Flexibility and Relaxation

  • Restorative chi gong or tai chi type "zone" training for energy enhancement

  • Prevention therapies

  • Alignment correction therapies

  • Diastasis rehabilitation

  • C-Section Rehabilitation

  • Episiotomy Rehabilitation

  • Postpartum infant bonding training

  • The Fit For Birth exclusive Super Mom Training Method

  • Formal pre and post natal periodization cycling to avoid overtraining and ensure variety

  • Proper exercise selection, sets, reps, rest, tempo, and style of workout

*Your unique ability, combined with your frequency of training and duration of professional guidance determines how many specific goals you will accomplish .

Prenatal Programs

"Pregnancy Ready" (1 month) gives you the foundational awareness necessary to alleviate basic pregnancy aches and pains so that you can set the stage for a postpartum bounce back into your pre-pregnancy body. "Pregnancy Fit" (3 Months) will teach you how to keep yourself aligned and functionally fit enough to make your postpartum bounce-back a breeze. "Pregnancy Pro" (6 Months) alleviates your aches and pains, reduces your risk of pregnancy interventions, prepares you for a natural birth, minimizes weight gain, and can eliminate your need for a postpartum bounce-back. "Pre & Post Natal Comprehensive" (12 Months) helps you set your healthy foundation for fertility, makes you a pregnancy pro, and then helps you reconnect or rehab your body after delivery.


*Receive a 15% discount on services when you make payment in full for the term of the commitment.

Pre & Post Natal Comprehensive
Pregnancy Pro
Pregnancy Fit
Pregnancy Ready

Postnatal Programs

"Postnatal Foundation" (1 Month) gives you the foundational awareness necessary to alleviate basic postpartum aches and pains.  "Postnatal Rehabilitation" (3 Months) specifically reconnects the muscles necessary to rehabilitate from C-Section, Episiotomy (also tearing/ripping), Diastasis, Incontinence or Pelvic Girdle Pain / Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction. "Postnatal Back into Shape"  (6 Months) guides you to bounce-back into your pre-pregnancy body, while ensuring the alignment and muscle balance necessary to carry you through motherhood without aches and pains. "Postnatal Transformation" (12 Months) will help you feel well physically and mentally after delivery, rehabilitate and reconnect your body, lay the foundation for re-establishing health for you and your family, and helps those who were not able to exercise during pregnancy to bounce back and return to their pre-pregnancy body.


*Receive a 15% discount on services when you make payment in full for the term of the commitment.

Postnatal Transformation
Postnatal Back into Shape
Postnatal Rehabilitation
Postnatal Foundation

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