"I will always attribute my core during pregnancy to your training. You taught me how to use my stomach muscles and breathing during pregnancy and thanks to you I never had to deal with diastasis again!"

Martha Sesin - Mother of Four

Prenatal Corrective Exercise Coaching

It is now well-proven that women who exercise during pregnancy experience better pregnancies, easier deliveries, and healthier babies. Even better, if you use this precious time to align your body using corrective exercise, you set yourself up to emerge stronger than ever after delivery, and more than capable of handling life with your new little one. 

For most women, labor and delivery will be the single most grueling physical and mental event of their lives. Childbirth is far longer and more taxing than running a marathon, yet most women don’t train for labor physically or mentally. The outcome is seen in today’s extremely high rates of drugs and surgeries (about 2 in 3 women in Miami will experience surgeries like C-section and episiotomy). Although these are needed in some cases, every major medical review is calling these rates “too much.”  

If you’d like a coach to help you begin or enhance your training, Fit For Birth offers corrective exercise coaching by some of the world’s most qualified Prenatal Fitness Professionals. The hometown of the highly acclaimed continuing education course for fitness professionals (www.GetFitForBirth.com) is here in South Florida. You can be coached by highly trained musculoskeletal experts who know how to assess the prenatal body, and to select safe exercises to get you going or to complement the exercise you’re already doing. 

It’s a one-time, necessary investment in your own health as well as the health of your baby. See for yourself...

Exercise during pregnancy has been research-proven to substantially help YOUR BABY:

  • Increase the health and intelligence of your baby while making making your little one “easy to care for”

  • Improve nutrient and waste exchange via improved placenta function

  • Reduce fetal interventions (like forceps, vacuum, in-utero surgery)

  • Reduce fetal-affected complications (like bleeding, ectopic pregnancies, miscarriage, hypertension, intrauterine growth restrictions, infections, diabetes, and low amniotic fluid)

  • Reduced likelihood of macrosomia (Excessive birth weight baby)

Exercise during pregnancy has been research-proven to substantially help you during YOUR PREGNANCY:

  • Fewer pregnancy discomforts (like weakness, lack of stamina, increased immunity and energy)

  • Avoid Diastasis Recti (separation of the abdomen), saggy skin and stretch marks after delivery

  • Less weight gain

Exercise during pregnancy has been research-proven to substantially help you during YOUR LABOR:

  • 33% less time spent in labor

  • 35% decrease in need for pain relief (less need for drugs like epidurals)

  • 50% decrease in need to artificially rupture the membranes

  • 50% decrease in need to induce or stimulate labor (less need for drugs like Pitocin)

  • 50% decrease in need to intervene due to abnormalities in fetal heart rate (these include low heart rate in the baby, presence of meconium, cord entanglement)

  • 55% decrease in need for episiotomy (surgical cut into the vagina during labor)

  • 75% decrease in exhaustion during labor

  • 75% decrease in need for operative intervention (including major surgery like C-section)

Corrective Exercise during pregnancy has been shown to improve the outcome of common prenatal challenges like:

  • Diastasis Recti (Separation of abdominal wall)

  • Hernia

  • Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

  • Pregnancy Related Lower Back Pain

  • Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

  • Sciatica

  • Piriformis syndrome

  • Urinary Incontinence

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse

  • Vaginal Tearing during childbirth

  • Reducing stage two labor (reduces time spent pushing)

  • Reduce stretch marks and saggy skin postpartum

The world's leading authority on exercise and pregnancy says:

"The greatest benefits to mother and fetus are attained by doing some type of weight-bearing exercise...A strength-training workout should be performed two to three times per week."1

Fit For Birth Training overview

Sessions with a Fit For Birth qualified instructor always begin with a comprehensive assessment and foundation (see below). If you enjoy the assessment, and would like additional coaching, Fit For Birth offers personal training as monthly packages. An individual session is typically 55 minutes and commonly follows this flow:

  1. Belly Training - Inner Core activations involving the Diaphragm, Pelvic Floor, and Transverse Abdominis, specific for your needs - not everyone benefits from the same exercises!

  2. Functional Training - Strength-promoting exercises are centered upon the primal movement patterns. We train you for the movements you need for life and as a new mom, not just haphazard exercise selections.

  3. Birth Labor Training - (If desired, and once a foundation is set.) This form of training is for those who desire to train a bit more specifically for a natural birth, and includes both exercise selection and guided imagery rest periods.

With monthly coaching, you select 2, 3, or 4 time slots that are convenient for you each week. You are essentially reserving your training times. For women all around the world, Fit For Birth trainers perform Video Call (VC) sessions. For those who live in south Florida, USA, our trainers can train you at your home on some occasions and online for other occasions. This format allows for the greatest level of convenience, and most affordable pricing for everyone involved.

Personalized Prenatal Assessment and Foundation

  • Find out exactly which muscles are working for you and against you during your pregnancy.

  • Receive your personalized most important exercises to enhance your alignment, posture and muscle balance.

  • Comprehensive Corrective Exercise Assessments (90-120minutes):

    • Prenatal Necessities - Breathing, Pelvic Floor, deep core function and pelvic tilting.

    • Movement - Determines how your brain is sending signal to your muscles. Identifies your strengths and weaknesses regarding breathing, core, pelvis and the six most important movements that all prenatal moms encounter in daily life.

    • Flexibility - A 57 point assessment to identify specifically which muscles are overactive compared to normal ranges.

    • Lifestyle - Helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in your 5 Foundations: the five most critical areas of prenatal wellness: Breathing, Movement, Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Mind.

    • Easy way to see if prenatal corrective exercise coaching is right for you.

    • Entire cost of the assessment can be rolled into paying for the first month of any monthly prenatal package that you begin within 10 days.

Schedule your Foundational Assessment Now!

Remember, your investment in the Prenatal Foundational Assessment session can be entirely rolled into your first month of personal training, Online or Live!

Fit For Birth Assessment
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Want to make this more affordable and know a few friends who may like to join you?

1 Clapp, M.D., Cram. Exercising Through Your Pregnancy, 2nd. Omaha, NE: Addicus Books, 2012. p.195-197.