Did you know…?

The Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

  • Less time spent in labor (33%)

  • Reduced likelihood of excessive birth weight babies (and subsequent birth difficulties)

  • Decreased need for pain relief (35%)

  • Decreased risk of non-surgical interventions – (AROM, Pitocin, fetal abnormalities) (50%)

  • Decreased exhaustion during labor (75%)

  • Decreased risk of surgical interventions (55% episiotomy, 75% forceps or C-section)

The Benefits of Eating Whole Unprocessed Foods

Dr. Price traveled the world in the early twentieth century, detailing the health and wellbeing of traditional cultures.  He was able to see their health before and after the adoption of what he called the “four white devils:” white sugar, white flour, white salt, and pasteurized dairy.

  • “One of the outstanding changes which I have found takes place in the primitive races at their point of contact with our modern civilization is a decrease in the ease and efficiency of the birth process.”  

  • “Dr. Romig, the superintendent of the government hospital for Eskimos and Indians at Anchorage, Alaska…stated that in his thirty-six years among the Eskimos, he had never been able to arrive in time to see a normal birth by a primitive Eskimo woman.  But conditions have changed materially with the new generation of Eskimo girls, born after their parents began to use foods of modern civilization.  Many of them are carried to his hospital after they had been in labour for several days.”


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