Fit For Birth's Small Group Personalized Training (3-5 friends)

Small group training is an affordable way to enjoy the benefits of pre and postnatal corrective exercise, and can serve any woman in any stage of life who desires to participate in a quality women’s fitness program.  

Four Easy Steps:

  1. Find two other prenatal or postnatal friends who would like to experience Fit For Birth training.
  2. Decide on a location (This can be at a home, a convenient park, the gym in one of your residential buildings, or a nearby training studio).
  3. Decide on several days and times per week that would be most convenient for all participants.
  4. Contact and/or (904) 515-3484 to schedule each preliminary individual assessment and and arrange for your preferred times with a Fit For Birth Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Wondering why you should exercise before, during, and after your pregnancy? Here are the research-proven benefits

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